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Re: [DFRI-listan] Request For Comments on Islands of Resilience 17-24 September 2012 http://islandsofresilience.eu/

On 02/10/12 10:34, Linus Nordberg wrote:
"JOSEFSSON Erik" <erik.josefsson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
Tue, 18 Sep 2012 08:04:52 +0200:

| Jag håller på att plåga mina nätverk om att få hjälp med att lusläsa en studie och framför därför min förfrågan även till DFRIs "listan"  :-)
| Hoppas det går bra att be om feedback på detta sätt.

Fråga går utmärkt!

Fick du några svar?

Njae, men jag kanske tog i med det där att "lusläsa" :-)

Ny version uppe, och ny RFC fram till 1 November: http://islandsofresilience.eu/

Det kanske inte framgick förut, men det är IMMI som gjort studien.

Annons av Smári McCarthy här: http://icg.greens-efa.eu/pipermail/hub/2012-October/000006.html

London, October 1st 2012:

IMMI, the International Modern Media Institute, in cooperation with the
Greens/EFA in the European Parliament, have today launched an open
request for comments on the paper Islands of Resilience, which contains
an analytical framework for energy, connectivity and jurisdiction aimed
at locales for data center and cloud service hosting. In the paper,
Iceland is explored as a potential locale for such services, both to
highlight Iceland's comparative strengths and weaknesses, and to
demonstrate the function of the analytical model.

The open Request for Comments process will be open for one month, until
November 1st 2012. It is the sincere hope of IMMI's board and staff that
as many as possible participate in this RFC process and help improve the
quality and detail of this report.

Access the Islands of Resilience RFC:

Download the full Islands of Resilience report in printable form (PDF)

On behalf of IMMI,

	Smári McCarthy
	Executive Director, IMMI
	Co-author of the Islands of Resilience report

Smári McCarthy  -  International Modern Media Institute
smari at immi.is   -   +354 662 2701   -   http://immi.is/
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Erik Josefsson
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Greens/EFA Group
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