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[DFRI-listan] Var med och kickstarta Data Dealer


Liten puff för Data Dealer. Var med och finansiera ett grymt spel!


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Since the release of the english demo we got quite wide international
media response, from the Guardian over Le Monde to Fast Company: "Play
the part of a nefarious data dealer and see our privacy-free future up
close! You would probably be shocked to find out how much marketers
and companies know about you from the information you put on the
Internet. In this new award-winning game, you can see what it’s like
to try to grab and monetize people’s private data" (Fast Company)

This month we won the e-virtuoses Award (category: "Serious Game:
Communication/Awareness") in Valenciennes, France and the Games for
Change Award ("Most significant impact") in New York City.

But besides all the fame we still need some money to be able to finish
the full featured version of the game.
Last week we have launched our Kickstarter at http://kck.st/10hzUvJ
and although we have been quite successfull with in the first phase,
there is still a way to go to reach our goal.
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