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Re: [DFRI-listan] Unleashing the potential of cloud computing in Europe 2013/2063(INI)

Lite spridda kommentarer nedan.

> //2. Calls on the Commission to review other EU legislation to address
> gaps related to cloud computing; calls, in particular, for the revision
> of the intellectual property rights regime,

Ja, här isar det ju till i tänderna lite. Jag får intrycket att
mycket av hela denna cloud push är för att försöka skaka fram
så många europeiska patent som möjligt inom detta område, vilket
ju inte är något lovvärt.

> the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive,

Vad i jösse namn nu detta kan vara...

> the Unfair Contract Terms Directive and
> the////E-Commerce Directive, which are the most relevant pieces of EU
> legislation that apply to cloud computing;//
> //
> //3. Calls on the Commission to establish a clear legal framework in the
> field of copyright content in the cloud, especially with regard to
> licensing regulations;//

Jesus, märgen fryser till is här.

> //4. Stresses that, owing to uncertainties regarding applicable law and
> jurisdiction, contracts are the main tools for establishing relations
> between cloud providers and their customers, and that there is therefore
> a clear need for common European guidelines in that field;//

Nej nej nej, collaboration and trust är mycket viktigare.
Dags att läsa agila manifestet, tror jag:


> Cloud computing has a huge potential and should provide benefits for
> business, citizens and the public sector1 but, as a new model of
> networked computing, poses some legal and contractual risks. Among other
> concerns, such as security or supplier lock-in, there is major concern
> among both service providers and users regarding the lack of
> standardisation which would be required for a single market across
> Europe, the diversity of relevant legislation across Europe, currently
> unclear contract provisions and the lack of clear rules on intellectual
> property rights (IPR).

Här kommer detta med IPR igen. Jag har sjukt svårt att se
relevansen här. Jag sysslar med mjukvara, och har väldigt
svårt att se vad IPR har med det hela att göra. Annat än
att ANVÄNDARE av molnet kan spara sina piratkopierade filmer

> Recent research shows that 48 % of managers in both the private and the
> public sectors are aware that the implementation of cloud computing can
> speed up and facilitate their work. More than half of them have not,
> however, introduced any procedures to minimise business risks such as
> identity theft.

What? Identity Theft? Hurdå? Om de deployar sina applikationer
själva, på egna servrar, så blir det halvbra gjort. Om de
deployar sina appar i molnet så har de hundratals säkerhets-
experter som inte har annat för sig än att se till att deras
moln inte kan hackas.

> The biggest threat in the cloud are so called ‘insiders’, those working
> in the establishments providing cloud services, who have access to
> customer data, followed by other tenants of the service provider in the
> cloud, notably in case of a breakdown of isolation mechanisms.

Ja, kanske det, men det är inte sant att de som äger moln har
access till sina kunders data. Så är det ju inte om datat är
krypterat hos kunderna hela vägen ut i molnet. De snyggaste
exemplen på det är ju:

* http://www.wuala.com
* https://leastauthority.com

> The EU digital single market remains fragmented due to differing legal
> regimes among the Member States, and when it comes to IPR only a limited
> level of harmonisation has taken place in the wake of the Copyright
> Directive. Action must therefore be targeted to address the issue of
> cloud services that depend on a uniform IPR regime to cross borders. The
> proposals on collective rights management and the private copy levy must
> take into account the development of new technologies, in particular
> cloud computing services, and clarify the rules for securing IPR in a
> digital environment.

Jag osäkrar min browning, nu!