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[DFRI-listan] Fwd: your request for access to documents - GestDem 2012/4775

Acta-sagan fortsätter. Nästa kapitel, 7november.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: your request for access to documents - GestDem 2012/4775
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2013 09:55:20 +0000
From: <SJ-ACCES-DOCS@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <andreas@xxxxxxxxx>

Dear Mr. Jonsson,

I refer to your e-mail of 15 September 2013 to President Barroso
requesting access to the question put by the Court of Justice to the
Commission in case A-1/12. On 25 September 2013, your request was
transferred to the Legal Service.

The deadline to reply to your application expires today. In this
respect, I would like to inform you that the Legal Service is currently
dealing with your request. However, we are not in a position of sending
you the final reply and, therefore, we have to extend the prescribed
period by another 15 working days  (the new dead-line expires on 7
November 2013). In any case, I can assure that we will do our utmost to
send you the reply very shortly. We apologise for this delay and for any
inconvenience this may cause.

Yours sincerely,

Legal Officer

European Commission
Legal Service

BERL 1/107
B-1049 Brussels/Belgium
+32 2-295 36 58

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