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Re: [DFRI-listan] DFRI har skrivit under ett öppet brev till antivirustillverkarna

Jag hoppas de fixade stavfelen...


Linus Nordberg <linus@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Hej listan!
>Det här har vi missat att berätta om på listan. En del grejer hamnar
>bara på Twitter [1], andra bara på IRC (#dfri_se på OFTC.net).
>DFRI har skrivit under ett brev [2] som ställer några frågor till de
>stora tillverkarna av antivirusprogramvara [3]:
>--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
>Experts call upon the vendors of antivirus software for transparency
>An international coalition of more than 25 civil rights organizations
>and security experts is concerned about the level of security provided
>by antivirus software companies. “The users of this software should be
>ably to rely on the security of their systems. We fear this might be a
>false feeling of security.” says Ton Siedsma of the Dutch digital rights
>organization Bits of Freedom.
>According to the coalition, these companies have a vital position in
>providing security and maintaining the trust of internet users engaging
>in sensitive activities such as electronic banking. There should be no
>doubt that your antivirus software provides the security needed to
>maintain this trust.
>In the letter, the coalition asks the antivirus companies for
>transparency on whether there have been any requests by governments to
>not detect the presence of governmental malware and if so, if they have
>granted such a request. They furthermore ask how the companies would
>respond to such a request in the future.
>“It has become very clear that governments will do anything to gain
>acces to as much information as possible” says Siedsma. “Requests like
>these, coming from law enforcement agencies or secret services, lower
>the general level of protection of all users of antivirus software. The
>software isn’t just used by suspects, but by all of us. This is
>something to be very concerned about, so we have asked the antivirus
>software vendors for transparancy on this matter.”
>The letter has been sent to the following companies: Agnitum, Ahnlab,
>Avira operations, AVG, AVAST, Bullguard, Bitdefender, F-secure, F-Prot,
>Kaspersky, McAfee, Microsoft, Nod32, Norton, Panda, Symantec and Trend
>--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---
>[1] https://twitter.com/dfri_se/status/394006370887802880
>[2] https://www.bof.nl/live/wp-content/uploads/Letter-to-antivirus-companies-.pdf
>[3] https://www.bof.nl/2013/10/25/experts-call-upon-the-vendors-of-antivirus-software-for-transparency/
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