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[DFRI-listan] Re: turkey and netclean

Hello Andreas,

I wanted to wait a little till my article on the NetClean purchase has been published so that I can give a link to further information too. As I explained in the article, Turkey has a rather bad record of censorship and surveillance policies along with limited internet service to her citizens.

Also it is important to consider that the government that claims to set up precautions to protect children is the one not fighting child labour, child brides (pedophile marriages) and bullying at schools and domestic violence against children. When this fact is added on top of the fact that investment to better millions of kids' lives in offline atmosphere is definitely not enough, this gives a clear image of why this software can not really be about children.

It is also important to have a look at former censorship bills that were passed in the parliament. Every time the excuse was to protect children, but this is being used as an excuse shield, as usually these laws have been used for political purposes against political criticism or dissent.

We are worried that this software will also be used as part of a general scheme to limit freedom of speech, right to acquire knowledge and further violate the non-recognized right to anonimity as well as violating citizens' privacy.

for further comments and explanations, please check the link below:


On Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 2:12 PM, Andreas Jonsson <andreas@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Gürkan,

We are very worried what the recent purchase of netclean will mean for
turkey [1], especially considering the already poor track record for net

Could you please describe your point of view of the situation in turkey,
and also your thoughts about the netclean purchase? I feel that I don't
know enough.