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[DFRI-listan] Fwd: [cp-global] Infosec 4 journalists (and other humans)

Den här skriften borde intressera folk här på listan, en brittisk handbok i informationssäkerhet riktad mot journalister:

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> From: Arjen Kamphuis <arjen@xxxxxxxx>
> Subject: [cp-global] Infosec 4 journalists (and other humans)
> Date: 14 Jul 2014 10:16:46 GMT+2
> To: general@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, privacycafe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "noisysquare@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <noisysquare@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, global@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Dear fellow hacktivists,
> For the UK Centre for Investigate Journalism I have co-authored a
> handbook 'Information Security for Journalists'. This is a book in a
> series of handbooks commissioned by the CIJ with the aim to produce
> densly packed knowledge for investigative journalists who operate at the
> sharp end of the profession (either operating in scary countries or
> against scary opponents). It is however also very usable for other
> humans who just want to back up their UNDHR article 12 rights with some
> strong crypto.
> Most of the credit for the writing goes to my co-author Silkie Carlo who
> works with intelligence whistleblowers for a living. All technical
> mistakes are mine.
> Last week we published an initial version of the handbook during the
> CIJ's yearly Summerschool Conference:
> http://www.tcij.org/resources/handbooks/infosec
> This book is intented as a practical crashcourse that any interested,
> non-IT-specialist individual can run through in a long weekend (or two).
> We are currently processing feedback from journalists who have been
> trying it out and putting resources in place to do maintenance and
> translations into a dozen+ languages (including Arabic, Russian and
> Chinese).
> Interview with RT's Max Keiser:
> http://www.gendo.nl/en/blog/arjen/bankrupting-the-nsa-with-tails-defeating-ttip
> Feedback most welcome! (feedback mail in book and on the above page).
> The entire book is Creative Commons licenced (BY-NC-SA) and so will all
> future versions be, including the translations. We're working on ebook
> formats and will make dead-tree versions after the summer when we've
> worked in two months of feedback.
> To the best of my knowledge there was nothing like this available up to
> now. If I'm wrong please point me to other materials I may have missed.
> Thanks!
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