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[DFRI-listan] "A Hungarian National Parliament Delegation attend exchange on AT4AM" (FW: DG ITEC Newsletter February 2015)

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From: ITEC Communication
Sent: Friday 27 February 2015 11:59
To: MEPs & ASSISTANTS-8th-Legislature; Parlement Européen
Subject: DG ITEC Newsletter February 2015





ITEC Director-General Giancarlo Vilella presides over  the CII meeting in Luxembourg



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First Interinstitutional Committee for ICT meeting of 2015

The European Union Interinstitutional committee for ICT (CII) held its first meeting of 2015 on 23 February. Chaired by ITEC Director-General Giancarlo Vilella the meeting was held in the prestigious buildings of the European Court of Justice (COJ) in Luxembourg.

Giancarlo Vilella, started things off by welcoming all colleagues and by stressing the growing importance of ICT issues within the European Institutions. This was followed by an introduction by Mr Francis Schaff, Director-General of the COJ and a presentation on the COJ by Mr Javier Puig Saques, Director for IT at the COJ. Mr Puig Saques presented the IT work programme for 2015 and explained how the court had gradually replaced the majority of paper documents using e-solutions.

Pascal Paridans, acting ITEC Director for Infrastructure & Equipment, was next up with a presentation on the MovEP project which involves mobile technology and its implementation at the European Parliament.

Several colleagues provided their thoughts on the use of tablets and the various operating systems debating whether tablets were truly paperless and printer-friendly at the same time.


After two additional presentations on interinstitutional Cloud strategy and a working group on document formats, the morning session closed with a debate on data protection chaired by Mr Giovanni Buttarelli, the European Data Protection Supervisor.

The afternoon session saw an exposé on IT security by Mr Niall O’Higgins from the Economic and Social Committee which was the catalyst for a lengthy discussion on the constant evolution of threats and the need for more collaboration between EU institutions in terms of cyber security.

Mr Steven Quest, Director-General of the Commission’s DIGIT, followed with a presentation on open source software strategy within the European Commission underlying the action plans and strategies for the future. In addition, he drew up the main strategy for a future office automation environment pointing out that the worldwide IT market influences us and that there is a constant need to evolve and to define a common strategy for the EU institutions.

The meeting continued with exchanges of views on the possibility to cooperate on the staff recruitment process, in particular, for highly specialised sectors of IT like ICT and cyber-security following the approach set out by DG ITEC.

In addition, the members discussed how to better share the workload of interinstitutional tendering procedures amongst participating EU institutions and agreed to look at ways to improve the current synergies.

The meeting concluded with a short information note by the EDPS on the IPEN initiative for privacy on the internet.

Currently, the members of the CII are the following:

European Parliament (chair)

European Commission

Council of the EU

European Court of Justice

European Central Bank

European Court of Auditors

European Data Protection Supervisor

European Economic and Social Committee

Committee of the Regions

European External Action Service

European Investment Bank

EU Agencies (for example: ENISA, the * European Network and Information Security Agency)


European Patent Office

Publications Office 

A Hungarian National Parliament Delegation attend exchange on AT4AM

On January 28, 2015 DG ITEC met the Hungarian National Parliament Delegation during a study visit to the European Parliament. The two day visit was organized by the Institutional Cooperation service of DG PRES together with the permanent representative of the Hungarian National Assembly.


The Office of the Hungarian National Assembly is about to launch an internal project called Parlex aiming to introduce specific software which will enable members of Parliament to table legislative amendments electronically. The Hungarian experts involved in the project paid particular attention to AT4AM, the authoring tool developed by DG ITEC for facilitating the European Parliament’s legislative work by creating, modifying and deleting an amendment or tabling and printing it. They didn’t hesitate to avail of the practical assistance and know-how from their DG ITEC colleagues. It was the beginning of a correspondence that resulted in a full day presentation on AT4AM and the European Parliament IT strategy.

The Delegation was composed of 4 members of the Office of the Hungarian National Assembly: Dr Tibor Bárány Deputy Director General for Legislation, Mr Zoltán Bukvai, Head of Division for Information and Document Management, Mrs Andrea Turgonyiné Juhász, IT expert and Mr András Gyula Kádas, project manager.

During the first day of the study visit, DG ITEC presented the European Parliament’s IT projects relating to the legislative procedure in the EP. The agenda included the tools and platforms developed by DG ITEC for allowing Members to ask for the advice of a pool of lawyers-linguists to draft legislative amendments (Drafting Support Tool, DST), for facilitating the drafting process (AT4Lex) and for improving the signature flow by using a digital signature (DiSP).

Τools for supporting the plan of EP activities and for helping committee secretariats to organize and manage the legislative process (Programming Board, PROBO and ITER) were also presented. In addition, the XML document format as well as the E-committee and E-meeting platforms that gather together, in one place, all information, committee and meeting documents were demonstrated.

The visit also provided the opportunity for DG ITEC to present its vision and strategy in an integrated way with all components of the "Parliament of tomorrow" program which has been developed since 2010 and is currently used in the EP paving the way of, mobility, paperless offices and efficiency.

Presenting its tools related to AT4AM, DG ITEC showcased its daily contribution to the work of the MEPs to exercise their mandate, both inside and outside the EP premises, for the development of a vibrant European democracy. In this context, DG ITEC underlined its concrete purpose to strengthen communication with National Parliaments, European citizens and civil societies through sustainable and high quality service in the usage of ICT.

"Thanks for this full day" Dr Tibor Bárány declared at the end of the day, "What we saw today is a huge integrated system of IT legislative tools. We had the opportunity to visit other National Parliaments, but nothing was as developed as in your Institution". "What we have seen today is our future" Mrs Andrea Turgonyiné Juhász said, smiling.

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The curtain falls on the ITEC Forum


The DG ITEC Forum 2014 was a three day event held in the European Parliament back in November.

It featured a conference, two special workshops, interviews with the Secretary-General of the Dutch Senate, Mr Geert Jan Hamilton, Members of the European Parliament,  the chair of the LIBE committee, Mr Claude Moraes and an exhibition of some of the services offered by DG ITEC to MEPs and staff in relation to Mobility.

The Forum website has been updated. It contains a number of new items such as videos, interviews, pictures and the special Newsletter edition. Check it out here.


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