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Re: [DFRI-listan] "Lost on the broadband super highway"

A major problem with this report is the suggestion that transparency is a sufficient approach to addressing concerns over network management.


On Fri, Dec 7, 2012 at 2:30 PM, Patrik Wallström <pawal@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Brittiska Consumer Focus har sammanställt en undersökning av konsumenters uppfattning av operatörers traffic management. Åtminstone summeringen är intressant att läsa för den oinsatte:


"Overall, our research found that consumers
have very limited awareness of the term ‘traffic
management’. Consumers do not understand the
term, find it difficult to access relevant information
and, when they do, struggle to understand it.
The research indicated that without explaining
traffic management and its impact on the user
experience, any information provided is not
meaningful to consumers and is therefore not
taken into consideration. The research found no
difference in perceived transparency between
BSG and non-BSG signatories."