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[DFRI-listan] Brev till Europa Direct ang. EU-kommissionens blockering av Tor-användare


EU-kommissionens websajt och fler andra i samma gäng blockerar
Tor-användare sedan åtminstone i våras.

Jag har försökt rota lite i det här, senast när vi var i Bryssel och
pratade i parlamentet.

Som en start på ett formellt klagomål så skickade jag nedanstående till
"Europa Direct", EU:s informationsservice. Har ni tips på fler ställen
man bör kontakta?

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Subject: Blocking of Tor users

Enquiry: http://europa.eu/ is not available to users of Tor (https://torproject.org/). There are several other sites, supposedly run by you, that are inaccessible to Tor users as well.

The information I've been able to get regarding this says that this blocking was implemented as a reaction to a DoS (Denial of service) attack some time ago.

Is there a way we can help you unblock Tor users from using your services? If this is a technical issue, we would be more than happy to work with you to try to solve it. If there are other reasons for you blocking Tor, I'd like to understand them in order to try to influence this in a positive direction.

Some people need the protection Tor gives you as a user. Some of these people need access to your sites. Please help me help them.

Linus Nordberg
President DFRI
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