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[DFRI-listan] Cannot open directive for tabling amendments in at4am - JURI deadline 4 January 12h00

Dear Sir/Madame,
As of 17h00 until I send this mail today, a blank white page opens when I click on "Open editor" in at4am when trying to table amendments to the Data Protection Directive 2012/0010(COD) in JURI.
The link when I click on "Open editor" that is displayed in the browser address field is the following: http://www.at4am.ep.parl.union.eu/at4am/ameditor.html?documentID=9497&locale=en&originUrl=%2Fat4am%2Fpg%2Fdossier%2Ffilter.action%3FcommitteeName%3DJURI%26amp%3Brequest_locale%3Den%26amp%3Bmethod%3Afilter%3DSearch%26amp%3BrapporteurQuery%3D%26amp%3BprocedureNumberQuery%3D%26amp%3BprocedureState%3DOPEN%26amp%3BsourceTextNumberQuery%3D%26amp%3BtitleQuery%3D%26amp%3BoriginName%3D
Please find screenshots of the first screen (with JURI selected) and the resulting second screen when I click "Open editor" below (please note that nothing opens...).
With the short JURI deadline in mind (Friday 4 January) and taking the Christmas holidays into consideration, would it be possible to urgently open up the Data Protection Directive 2012/0010(COD) for amendments in at4am?
Best regards.
Erik Josefsson