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[DFRI-listan] Fwd: Perl, regexps and dreamscraping (DebianParl)

Det här kanske är lite intressant för listan också. Jonas har just kodat (se nedan) så att det går att läsa diffar mellan förslaget från rådet och kommissionens ursprungliga förslag. Här är ett delresultat:
Nu råkade det bli en diff om consent som exempel. Hoppas kunna göra mera/flera imorgon.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Perl, regexps and dreamscraping (DebianParl)
Date: Wed, 8 May 2013 18:06:22 +0200
From: JOSEFSSON Erik <erik.josefsson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <epfsug@xxxxxxxxx>

Dear all,

After years of serious mediawiki abuse, I have been saved by regexps, perl poetry and sprinkles of that feeling you have just before you wake up with a brilliant idea.

May I present the command line:
ehj@hedgehog:~/Documents/epfsug/diff$ localworddiff 3-rec-004.mdwn 4-rec-005.mdwn consent.html
and its output:
The file "consent.html" above is a partial diff between a Council leak from statewatch (which I think was published yesterday?):
and the Commission proposal:
(I used to do such by hand in mediawiki)

What it's about?

Well... its legislation for .5 bn citizens, so I think that perl code is a candidate for the meta package "parl-tools" that I hope will be a part of the Debian Pure Blend project:
which is hereby announced :-)

Just to be clear, I did not write any perl at all. My contribution to the above progress has been making lots and lots of regexp mistakes and asking stupid stupid questions.

Jonas made the rest.

Thank you Jonas.


Erik Josefsson
Advisor on Internet Policies
Greens/EFA Group
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