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[DFRI-listan] Spela Data Dealer!


DFRI fick just tips om ett spel som heter "Data Dealer".

Kanske kan vara något för listan?

Här är brevet från en av skaparna, Renée Winter, Österrike:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---

as a member of "Data Dealer", a small team of developers and activists
in the fields of privacy and digital rights in Vienna, Austria, I´d
like to introduce you to a project, which aims to raise awareness of
personal data and online privacy in a new and fun way:

"Data Dealer" is a satirical online game about collecting and selling
personal data, also available on Facebook. Players run all kinds of
companies and online ventures - from dating sites and loyalty card
systems to search engines and their own social web - and ruthlessly
sell private information to clients of all kinds. Their growing data
empires have to be defended against various threats, including
competing players trying to hack into their databases, complaining
citizens, critical media and pesky privacy activists. Data Dealer is a
nonprofit project, released under a Creative Commons license and based
on HTML5 instead of Flash.

Data Dealer video trailer and demo, released on Monday May 13:

Our really nice Facebook page address:

Data Dealer is one of eight nominees at the 2013 Games for Change
Awards (NYC, US, June 2013)!

We´ve been working hard on that for the last 2 years - with lots of
ups and downs. There is some more info on our website:

The German demo received outstanding media coverage (both high-profile
& yellowpress, National TV, gaming) and several awards:

Data Dealer is developed by a small team based in Vienna, Austria:

Press info, downloads & images:

It would be so great if you´d like to help us spread the word! If you
have any hints or support for us, please let us know!

Best regards from Vienna,
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---