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[DFRI-listan] [Moritz Bartl] [tor-relays] Tor Relay Operators Meeting at 30c3 Chaos Communication Congress

Hej listan!

Någon som skall till 30c3 som vill presentera DFRI:s verksamhet där?

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Torservers.net invites Tor exit relay operators and organizations to a
meetup. If possible/relevant, for example if you're a member of one of
the 'Torservers partner organizations', please prepare some slides on
your activities. We will do quick presentations on recent and future
activities around Torservers.net.

Afterwards, the official members meeting of German Zwiebelfreunde e.V.
will be held in this room.


Starts at: 2013/12/27 03:00:00 PM
Ends at: 2013/12/27 05:00:00 PM
Duration: 120 minutes
Location: Hall 13

Moritz Bartl
tor-relays mailing list

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