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Re: Ang.: [DFRI-listan] Trustworthy encryption - a step to stop the pollution of pervasive surveillance

Andrew wrote:
Perhaps they should


Let me comment on this Andrew.

In this case, I don't think "they" exist. At least I have never met "them" in the EP.

If "they" would exist, it would mean that there is a group of people promoting Free Software in the EP in parallel with EPFSUG, without telling the folks* in EPFSUG about it.

Actually, here, I think that "they" are rather "us" than "them", just as I think that
ACTA was not stopped by "them" - it was killed by us.

But speaking of "them", I can assure you that
the EP Bureau's software procurement is not prepared by us:


But they will buy it with our tax money.


*) Jonatan Walck, Karsten Gerloff, Stefan Marsiske, Smári McCarthy, Evert Edel, Joris Vanhove, Patrice-Emmanuel Schmitz, Bastiaan Wakkie, Christian Voecks, Ciarán O'Riordan, Katrien Cogghe, Flemming Bjerke, Wouter Vandenneucker, Maurício Nascimento, Etienne Saliez, Emilio Batista Barcón, Jurgen Gaeremyn, Jeanne Tadeusz, Rishab Aiyer Ghosh, Kaido Kikkas, Andreas Kuckartz, Caspar Bowden, Kirsten Fiedler, Marcelo Sosa, Guido Arnold, Nicolas Malevé, for Constant, Eszter Bakó, Ante Wessels, Salvador Pérez, John Beddard, Jonas Smedegaard, Nicolas Pettiaux, Léopold Baillard, Daniel Melin, Jure Repinc, Petar Petrović, Jorge Castro, Edmund Laugasson, Philip Serracino Inglott, Erik Albers, Odile Bénassy, Lucile Falgueyrac, Diogo Silva, Florent Thiery, Daniel Giles, Marc Olejak, Marc Olejak, Patrick Cahez, Göran Uddeborg, fukami