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[DFRI-listan] Fwd: Nordic friends of open data - welcome to MyData 2017 conference Aug 30 - Sep 1, 2017, in Tallinn & Helsinki!

Hej OKSE- & DFRI-listan!

Vill tipsa om denna konferens som kopplar an till både integritet och öppna data. Rabattkod för biljett: MYDATANORDIC

OKSE hade en volontär där förra året som tyckte att det var mycket intressant ang. mötet mellan integritet och öppenhet. Väldigt relevant i koppling till integritetsutmaningar med nya GDPR.


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Subject: Nordic friends of open data - welcome to MyData 2017 conference Aug 30 - Sep 1, 2017, in Tallinn & Helsinki!
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2017 13:24:04 +0300
From: Teemu Ropponen <teemu.ropponen@xxxxxx>
To: teemu.ropponen@xxxxxx <teemu.ropponen@xxxxxx>

Dear Nordic open data friends,

I realize this is coming a bit late for some, but I’d like to take the opportunity to invite you to the MyData 2017 conference in Tallinn and Helsinki Aug 30 - Sep 1.

MyData 2017 is an international get-together for personal data specialists. The conference is a gathering for building ties, sharing ideas, and spreading the word about human-centric personal data principles and solutions. MyData 2017 is created and curated by experts on privacy and data-driven applications.

This is super-relevant for the data economy that we are all dealing with - as MyData is strongly linked with open data, the new GDPR, smart cities, smart government and other topics  . Last year we had 650+ people coming from 24 countries - now we would like to make a new record! See below of the website www.mydata2017.org for further details.

To invite more nordic friends, we made a discount code: MYDATANORDIC

You can get 10% off the normal price - feel free to pass this code to any interested parties.

In all cases, we sincerely hope you can make it to Tallinn and/or Helsinki (30.8.-1.9.)

With kindest regards,



Personal data is a 1 trillion USD business by 2020. At the same time, it's one of the three issues Sir Tim Berners-Lee raised as key issues for the future for the internet. New EU general data protection regulation affects all companies handling personal data and doing business in the EU and will help harmonize markets. The MyData thinking builds on top of GDPR, to encourage new business and disruption - in an ethical way.


This year's MyData 2017 conference will be from Aug 30th to Sep 1st. MyData 2017 is an exciting twin-city event (Helsinki, Finland + Tallinn, Estonia) with one workshop day in Tallinn and two main conference days in Helsinki. As you know well, Finland and Estonia are two countries collaborating closely in the development of digital society on many levels and Estonia has been pushing many digital markets & rights issues on an EU level - and holds the EU presidency during H2/2017. The two-hour boat trip is part of the programme.

Who's there?

In general the partners as well as the conference participants were very satisfied with MyData 2016, in the end we had nearly 700 participants, from 24 countries. This year, we are targeting 800-1000 participants. Registrations have been made from nearly 20 countries already. Based on last year, we expect some 50-60% to be business delegates, and some 20-30% public sector - with some academia, non-profits and others to round out the scene. It's important to get the wide range of organisations involved! See also https://mydata2017.org/meet-our-partners/ for list of current partners (updated by the day... :) )

Teemu Ropponen
See you at MyData 2017 - Advancing human-centric personal data www.mydata2017.org
Toiminnanjohtaja / Executive director
Open Knowledge Finland ry (Join us!)
tel: +358 40 5255153
Twitter: @okffi, @troppone

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