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[DFRI-listan] Mycket text blir det...

Hej listan.

Lång URL till ny studie som just kommit ut i EP:
This study investigates the interplay between Internet innovation and privacy. We propose working definitions of innovation and privacy and review the literature about their interaction. We interpret the possible tensions and problems in terms of market and system failures and analyse the relevant legal and policy aspects in relation to examples of privacy invasion and/or protection by innovating companies.[...]
Om nån hittar nåt extra bra så hojta.

Här är en till ganska ny som handlar om SOPA/PIPA/OPEN (börjar på sidan 32) och PNR (s. 19):
There is a general principle in international law that one state cannot take measures on the territory of another state by means of enforcement of national laws without the consent of the latter. It is possible – however – to observe a recent trend of a growing number of laws that aim to produce a legislative effect in third countries.[...]
Det här tyckte jag var ganska bra: "What these bills [SOPA/PIPA/OPEN] highlight is the tension between the predominant US regulation of the internet (including the technical means by which websites are reached by web-users) against the belief that the internet is a global entity, with universal reach, owned by all of its global users, not just the United States."


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