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[DFRI-listan] Pippi on DPD and DPR


I write this in English so that Stef can read and maybe answer.

The Swedish versions of  DPD and DPR are now in Pippi Longstrings with proper markup of each other's common strings:
(if you want to exclude markup from other docs, just paste CELEX:52012PC0011:SV in the Tag-box in the grey top bar (on the page http://pippi.euwiki.org/doc/CELEX:52012PC0010:SV) and vice versa)

That means that what has been proposed by EDRi to be amended in DPR should also be amended in DPD in equivalent places, see http://protectmydata.eu/topics/edris-proposed-amendments/.

I have also put the old framework decision in (2008/977/RIF) in Pippi to see if that doc is quoted too. It seems to have strings in common, see:

but there is no visible yellow markup in the doc itself:

Stef, why is that so? Did I do* something wrong?


*) how I put
2008/977/RIF in Pippi Longstrings at http://pippi.euwiki.org
  • Click on Create [blue bar]
    • Fill/paste in "Document identifier" [side pane] "Rådets rambeslut 2008/977/RIF av den 27 november 2008 om skydd av personuppgifter som behandlas inom ramen för polissamarbete och straffrättsligt samarbete" (without doublefnutts)
    • Fill/paste body of page http://eur-lex.europa.eu/LexUriServ/LexUriServ.do?uri=OJ:L:2008:350:0060:01:SV:HTML in "Document: This field is required." [side pane] (and delete some extra stuff in beginning and end)
  • Click on Browse [blue bar]
    • Fill in "Filter" [under blue bar] "Rådets rambeslut" (without doublefnutts) and wait for the filtering a couple of seconds
    • Click on "NextPage" and scroll down to find 2008/977/RIF
    • Click on the star to the left [side pane]
    • Move tha mouse straight to the right side of the screen (so that the marked document stays marked) and click on the litte "Pippi *" box.