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[DFRI-listan] Fwd: FW: [perpass] perens-perpass-appropriate-response-01

Det här var bra sagt tycker jag:
If we technically hinder appropriate surveillance, we will have blood on our hands.
If we technically permit inappropriate surveillance, we will also have blood on our hands.
There is no technical solution to this conundrum. The only thing that can excuse our conduct is our
participation in the political process through which we can do our best to find a balance and to mitigate
the harmful uses of our technology.


From: perpass [perpass-bounces@xxxxxxxx] on behalf of Bruce Perens [bruce@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday 4 December 2013 02:25
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Subject: [perpass] perens-perpass-appropriate-response-01

I have written a reply to draft-farrell-perpass-attack-00
Please read it at http://perens.com/works/ietf/perpass/appropriate-response/01.pdf
The reply is _not_ in the form of an Internet Draft, because it's political discourse.


    Bruce Perens