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[DFRI-listan] Re: your request for access to documents - reference GESTDEM 2013/2371

Dear Ms Tilouche,

Thank you for your email extending the Commission's time limit with
15 working days to send us the document we ask for[1].

Further to Article 7(3) of Regulation 1049/2001 that you refer to,
we expect the Commission's forthcoming answer to explain in detail
why our request is an "exceptional case" under that article. We
would like to remind you that the article stipulates that detailed
reasons for the extended time-line should already have been given,
for example if the document we are asking for is very long[2].

We also ask for assistance with regards to the rest of our questions
(points 1 to 4 and point 6) which according to Ms Priscille Schiltz
at the European Commission SG B5 have been forwarded to the service
concerned[3]. As we have not received a reply from that service, we
would like to be informed about the name of the service and when we
will receive an answer to our questions. According to Ms Priscille
Schiltz, the service concerned will reply as soon as possible.

With best regards,

Linus Nordberg
DFRI - Föreningen för digitala fri- och rättigheter

[1] https://www.dfri.se/wiki/ep-acta-docs/EC-extending-deadline-2013-05-29.txt
[2] http://www.europarl.europa.eu/register/pdf/r1049_en.pdf
[3] https://www.dfri.se/wiki/ep-acta-docs/EC-response-2013-05-03.txt