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[DFRI-listan] Notice of disruption of service

Hi all,
  I'm sad to say that I've been forced to disable three of our six relays, and reduce the others to minimal transfer speeds.

We are currently being exhorted by our ISP, Bahnhof for a huge amount of money due to "excessive traffic" in order to sign us up on a new contract.

This should serve as a warning call for people who are using or considering to use Bahnhof.  Contact take@xxxxxxxxxx for more information about the case.

The affected nodes are:
( Reduced speed )
depth 9EDB9965625A06F41D84581BF66CAF7D79919DC4
vandalise 8D3E65A90F455E77DEFAA9ACEAFD7392221E2C9C
deklomp1 0A9CB1B43C780634B80390A9093C7490CB503880

( Offline until the issues are resolved )
deklomp2 EFA394DD66A8147AAEF3604B37CBF77DE2C7D895
deklomp3 FB5BECE11DDCE8444CB2EB0A41303DBB7093EA7A
deklomp4 2403121E35A830A7131C388EB643915F06842FB4

   D.S. "Spider"  Ljungmark